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Best Reasons to Visit Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani, translated from Rajasthani, that means “Rajasthani Culture” or “Mini Rajasthan” and this resort village is a celebration of just that.

Chokhi Dhani is a well-known tourist destination in India. The aim of the resort is to provide tourists the full experience of Rajasthani culture. The entire resort’s theme is developed by a village setting, with many cultural activities held here. The unique experience attracts visitors from all over the world.

The resort was started in 1989 and is spread out 10 acres of land, with unique architecture that reflects the environment of the Rajasthani tradition. Now Chokhi Dhani is providing business opportunities as well as a franchise opportunity.

The Chokhi Dhani outlets are Franchise Chokhi Dhani Sonipat, Franchise Chokhi Dhani Indore, Franchise Chokhi Dhani Pune, Franchise Chokhi Dhani Panchkula.

I will share some of the best reasons to visit Chokhi Dhani –

Rajasthani Folk Dance Performance

Rajasthani Folk Dance - Chokhi Dhani
Rajasthani Folk Dance Performance

Traditional Rajasthani folk dances are an absolute pleasure to watch at Chokhi Dhani. You will find out a variety of dance forms at this iconic village resort, Chokhi Dhani. Some popular dances performed by the artist here are Kalbeliya, Ghoomar and other classic Dance.

Puppet Show

Puppet Show - Chokhi Dhani
The Puppet Show

There is one of the traditional puppet shows that are also represented at Chokhi Dhani in its vicinity. The puppet show is usually held in the evenings, just before the fair begins. Expert puppeteers tell amazing tales of Rajasthani princesses and kings using puppets.

Magic Show

The magic Show - Chokhi Dhani
The Magic Show

Sleight of Hand, hypnotism and nature-defying illusions, jugglers at the Chokhi Dhani will keep you glued to your seat while performing tricks with ease.


Handicrafts Jaipur -Chokhi Dhani
Handicrafts Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani manufactured the Kalagram, a social initiative with the aim of promoting local artisans who make handicrafts. Buy at Chokhi Dhani stock collections of decor, paintings and other accessories that will attract any onlooker.

Animal Rides

Animal Rides - Chokhi Dhani
Animal Rides

There are different rides that take place at Chokhi Dhani. You can take your pick among camels, bullocks and tonga rides. For the best experience, we recommend that you take a camel ride, it is the best way to admire the Chokhi Dhani locations due to its slow pace

Rajasthani Food

Rajasthani Style Food Thali - Chokhi Dhani
Rajasthani Style Food Thali

There is a much variety of Rajasthani foods at Chokhi Dhani. Some of the delicious foods are Kachori, Dal Bati, Churma, Sarso the Sag, Kulhad Chai and other Rajasthani dishes. You can also get the taste of other Indian dishes of North Indian as well as South Indian. Visit Chokhi Dhani and get the royal taste of Rajasthani Foods.

Keshar Kyari

Keshar Kyari - Chokhi Dhani
Keshar Kyari – Jaipur

The Kesar Kyari Barbeque restaurant is an outdoor restaurant complete with a canopied seating arrangement. It starts in the evening and offers some delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicious foods.

Chokhi Dhani is providing  Franchise opportunity in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.  It may be a great business opportunity in India with its unique style. Chokhi Dhani offers many entertainment activities as well as many historical activities. Now Chokhi Dhani wants to represent the Rajasthani culture all over India with a unique experience.

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