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Why Chokhi Dhani

  1. Chokhi Dhani is a strong international Brand today. Anyone who has visited Jaipur knows what Chokhi Dhani is, and those who haven’t visited know it through their satisfied friends and relatives. Hence, Establishing local market in a short span will not be a problem.
  2. Chokhi dhani has successfully entered into food processing,Handicrafts and Real estate industry and has created its leadership and niche.
  3. Chokhi Dhani have expertise of over 25 years in successfully running their business.
  4. Statistics show that people are always looking for a place where they can spend their evenings in peaceful and entertaining way. Chokhi Dhani offers the same with great satisfaction.
  5. Chokhi Dhani is leader in it’s Business Category with Virtually no competition who would not like to join the No. 1.
  6. Chokhi Dhani Franchise and own network has grown across the country and reaping profits.
  7. This is hardcore cash business with no hassles of extending credit to your customers and then running after payments.
  8. This is an all season business without any lean period. Hence, no unnecessary overhead burdens.
  9. This is a long term business with a solid foundation.

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